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Provide Personalized Patient Healthcare Online

Provide healthcare to your patients when and where they want it. With Visual Support Teleconsultation for Heathcare certified medical professionals can give patients another option to receive care.

Visual Support Teleconsultation for Healthcare enables doctors to host consultations with patients when they are needed most. Perform vital check-ups and care at anytime from anywhere. Don’t change the way you work. For each consultation simply decide if they are office or remote meetings. The confirmation message received by the patients includes a link for the patient to be automatically placed into your virtual waiting room at the time and date of the consultation. Meet patients with a single click.

Telehealth Benefits

Remote Vitals Monitoring

Synchronize remote smart devices with your EHR and portal for monitoring patient health.

  • Gather vitals or track related to a patient’s health remotely in real-time.

  • Build comprehensive statistical data to understand patient health over time.

HIPAA Compliance

Rest easy knowing that confidential patient information is never stored on third party servers.

  • Only authorized personnel are given access to patient documents and health records.

  • Recordings are stored where you designate in your EMR so they remain confidential.

E-Prescription Integration

If medication is needed, offer the most convenient way to provide prescriptions.

  • Doctors can write prescriptions for patients on the call, just as they would in the office.

  • Patients can select from participating pharmacies while still on the video call.

Session Recording

Doctors have the ability to record sessions with patients for health records to improve future care.

  • Record sessions for patient records or as a complement to patient notes.

  • Transcripts are available in real time for further analysis and stored in your EMR.

Teleconsultation for Healthcare Features

Choose from options such as one-way or two-way video, recording and transcripts, smart device data channel integration, drawing and annotations, e-prescriptions, screen-sharing capabilities and more. Give patients an experience that mirrors coming to the office with the convenience of getting quality healthcare from anywhere.

Stay on Cutting Edge of Healthcare Tech

Integration with smart devices for tracking vitals remotely, drawing and annotations features, and real-time consultations allow doctors and patients to discuss health or review things like medication instructions together.

Lower Costs While Improving Health.

More patient data leads to better healthcare. Better health leads to fewer in-person visits, reducing office costs. Having healthier patients also frees up your doctors’ time to see both new and returning patients.

This increase in access to patient information leads to more informed decisions being made. Securely storing patient records, transcripts of calls, and medical records in real-time for future retrieval puts big data in doctors’ hands.